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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Alaska Fishing Communities
coalition is to protect and promote the interests of Alaska communities dependent on all aspects of harvesting and processing fishery resources from State and Federal waters off Alaska.
Alaska fishing communities seek to ensure:
1. conservation of Alaska’s fishery resources and prevention of overfishing through science-based fisheries management and habitat protection;
2. sustained community participation in and access to fishery resources;
3. fair and equitable sharing of Alaska’s fishery resources;
4. recognition of coastal communities’ 10,000-year cultural and economic dependence on fishery resources;
5. reductions of bycatch and bycatch mortality to the extent practicable;
6. balance in how the MSA National Standards are weighted in

fisheries management;
7. management policies responsive to the effects of

climate change on fisheries, recognizing the unique
vulnerability of coastal communities.

National Standards

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